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Because Buenos Aires deserves a space specially created for Wonder, leisure and entertainment of tourists and neighbors, we are building a proposal that stands out for originality, design and art direction. Inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a fantasy world full of surprises and curiosities to mobilize all their senses.  


Alien Museum


Come to explore the wonderful alien universe in a sample that will leave you with your mouth open.
1:1 scale reproductions will amaze you

Zombie Wax Museum


Dare to walk through this alley of shops where their terrifying and bloody owners are waiting behind their doors to assist you.


Villanos de Hollywood


Miticos villanos te esperan en las vitrinas en esta especial para fanáticos del cine de ciencia ficción, suspenso y terror.

Optical Illusions


Wonder your senses with this exhibition that will make you notice that all is not as it seems.



Old Photography


Back to the past and make yourself an old photo in our local and have fun with your family creating a memory for life.


Amazing Shop


Find special objects in this shop waiting to amaze you. Funny Objects, Fx Makeup, Dolls and more are waiting for you to come.

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